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Sponsors contribute funding and/or materials.

Systronix The leading supplier of engineering sockets boards and accessories for TINI. Systronix is making 8x1-Wire I/O and sockets boards available to major participants.


Particpants contribute time and effort to design and engineering or provide other assistance.

Byron K. Appelt Universal Vinculum Incorporated, manufacturer of TINI prototyping systems. Byron is setting up the SourceForge area for this project.
Bruce Boyes Systronix, initiator of the open source Java 1-Wire Tagging project, and vendor for 1Wire engineering boards and TINI sockets.
Sean Kelly Independent consultant and creator of TiniAnt
Jac Kersing Jac Kersing, Technical Consultant, IrDA guru, The-Box Development.
David MacMahon Java guru and creator of TiniHttpServer, as well as other TINI related utilities.
David Smiczek Software Product Manager, Auto Information, Dallas Semiconductor.